Are you using these 3 simple social media strategies?

Are you using these 3 simple social media strategies?


Update: July 2016

The original post featured an image of a cute, nerdy comic girl. Shorty after posting, I was contacted by a female member of the gaming community who took offense to my choice. And while I stand by my original image choice (it was really not that bad,) it is not my wish to offend anyone. So some of the text below will refer to the original image.

For the safety of others’ feelings, I’ve chosen an image of a firefighter rescuing a kitten. If you’re offended by this, let me know and it will be hilarious.

Indie game developers want to know:

How does an Indie developer successfully build a community before launching their game?

This is a great version of the classic, “how do I build my audience” question. It implies that this person already knows the importance of long-term community building. Great. So that saves…

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