Project: Weather Station

Have made some progress. I got the prototype/concept working now.

Step 1: A Arduino (with a ethernet shield) Β get’s the temperature from a Analog sensor (LM35D). Puts a username and password (for the web server) and temperature data together and tries to sends it to the web server.


Step 2: The web server splits up the data and send it to a MySQL database.

Step 3: A user goes to a webpage and see temperature.



“Newish” Project: Weather Station

This is idea I have had for some time but never really got started on it.

A weather station based on a Arduino. The Arduino receives the data from sensors and sends it to a webserver (whit PHP), probably gonna use Apatche.

Keep an eye on my blog for more info soon.

Partly based on this small project I made a little over a year ago:Β