News.. kind of..

Haven’t almost done anything more since last post. Besides working a little on a pvp map.

Might try update my mod pretty soon whit some new stuff.


The Z Box

Since it looks like Modloader MP is never gonna be updated I’m working on making the mod independentΒ from Modloader and Modloader MP.

So far I haven’t had any problem, just have to figure out how to add textures to the blocks and items. Then it’s ready for 1.4.5!

Java Chat [4]

I found out what the problem was.

I had to run the GUI and the communication in separate threads so the GUI wouldn’t freeze.

That was not too hard to find out, the harder part was to come up whit the solution witch task should be run where. But I have finally figured it out and I think it should be smooth sailing from now.

You don’t learn anything if you don’t push you by your own limits! πŸ˜‰